Points of View

An Audio Interview with The Right Place's Dave Riley

Ryan Gimarc

Our first Data Points interview

We're breaking with our regular Data Points format to bring you an interview with a local economic researcher. Dave Riley is the Business Intelligence & Research Manager with The Right Place, Inc. Dave recently returned from the annual C2ER (Council for Community and Economic Research) Conference in Denver, Colorado, and shares a bit about his experience surrounded by other data-heads.

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Data Points Interview with The Right Place's Dave Riley


0:00 - Introductions
1:00 - Background about C2ER Conference
3:47 - Who goes to the C2ER Conference?
4:54 - The most valuable session at the conference
8:44 - Walking tour around Denver
11:10 - Award for RPI West Michigan Regional Dashboard
14:01 - How to get more involved? (West Michigan Research Network)