Points of View

West Michigan's Economic Rebound: A Complex Story

Ryan Gimarc

In support of our upcoming Spring 2018 CEO Council Meeting, we have put together a data one-pager around our region’s economic rebound, and the fact that high levels of employment have not been shared by all members of our communities.


Data We’re Highlighting

On our one-pager, we’re highlighting variations in unemployment by several characteristics. Like many parts of the country, unemployment in West Michigan is especially high in rural areas. While overall, West Michigan sits at 4.0 percent unemployment in March 2018, this ranges from a low of 3.2 percent in Ottawa County to 9.2 percent in Lake County.

Additionally, individuals who identify as having a disability, veterans, or are racial or ethnic minorities tend to have higher levels of unemployment. While this trend is largely true on a national level, we believe solutions to finding sustainable employment opportunities for all starts at a regional level.

Check out our data one-pager here.


Future Data Topics

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